Death be not Proud

The horrid zing of assassins’ bullets
rends hearts and shatters dreams.
Death be not proud:
yours is not a booming triumph,
but simply a whimpering whir
of a fascist bully’s impotence.

Nep’s blood now spilt is wine heroic;
body broken and love offered
to seed life in all goodness
for a people resisting oppression
and struggling for freedom.

Death is but a blip
on the radar of a long journey
of service, solidarity, and sacrifice:
pulsing with shining eyes of farmers emboldened,
stomachs relieved from hunger’s growl,
and youth dancing in confident resolve,
while mothers delight in camaraderie,
secure in their faith, determination,
and commitment to struggle
to break the chains of oppression
and outwit the exploiters’ schemes.

Nep’s life an offering
seeps into the deepest marrow
of the people’s hope—
stem cells of possibility and potential,
that revitalize and transform
our collective verve
and persistence
in following the way of Christ.

Death be not proud,
your sting is but temporal.
Nep’s sacrifice is eternal!

The people rise
and claim their legacy,
as beloved for whom body has been broken
and blood spilt.
Onward toward victory,
love, and liberation!

(As they demand Justice for Nep Morada, Promotion of Church People’s Response (PCPR) pays tribute to the life of Nephtali “Nep” Morada. The poem was written by Rebecca Lawson, Ecumenical Voice for Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines.)

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