NDFP consultant Randy Malayao shot to death

By Baretang Bikolnon Staff

High profile National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) consultant Randy Felix P. Malayao was gunned to death inside a bus in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya while sleeping early morning, January 30.

Malayao was still inside the bus when the suspect gun man went inside the bus then fired two successive shots that caused his untimely death. The suspect immediately came down the bus then boarded his getaway motor vehicle together with his companion.

“At the time of his death, Comrade Felix was covered by the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees that stipulates, among others, that consultants like him should not be harmed nor arrested,” Salvador del Pueblo of NDF-Cagayan Valley stated in a statement.

Malayao had no criminal charges before government courts, which allowed him to freely move around the country to attend peace-related activities unlike other NDFP consultants.

Malayao was a former political prisoner who was abducted and heavily tortured under the Gloria M. Arroyo regime in 2008 and spent more than four years in jails in Cagayan and Isabela provinces. He was freed after he had been acquitted of charges against him.

Before President Rodrigo Duterte cancelled peace talks with the NDFP, Malayao attended formal peace negotiations in Europe as a consultant from Cagayan Valley. He represented the NDFP in peace forums, along with Government of the Republic of the Philippines negotiators such as Secretary Silvestre Bello III, Atty. Angela Librado Trinidad and others abroad and in the country.

According to Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the killing of Malayao, as well as the illegal arrests of NDFP peace consultants Adelberto Silva, Rafael Baylosis, Vic Ladlad and Rey Casambre, displays the Duterte regime’s disdain for negotiating peace with the NDFP, let alone in respecting and implementing the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees.

The CPP condoles with the family, friends and comrades of Randy Malayao.

“He offered most of his years, from Visayas to Cagayan Valley, in working with the masses in their struggle for land, wages and other rights. As NDFP peace consultant, he took pride in broadcasting and pursuing the revolution’s program for the Filipino people to attain national liberation and genuine democracy,” CPP stated. (BaretangBikolnon.com)

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