Masbate red fighters continue tactical offensives vs AFP troops

By Baretang Bikolnon Staff

MASBATE CITY – There are already countless killings by AFP troops here according to red fighters group.

Jose Rapsing Command – New People’s Army (JRC-NPA) – Masbate is in full alert with its tactical offensives and publicly advised Masbateños to expose grievous crimes in military operations of 2nd IBPA and Military Intelligence Company (MICO).

In a press statement, JRC-NPA commended the recent successful explosion using the Command Detonated Explosive (CDX). Its sapper team fired the planted CDX in So. Taham, tri-boundary of Bgys. Tagor, Jamorawon and Cagay, Milagros and Masbate City, that paralyzed the 6×6 army truck on board the 2nd IBPA, MICO and former NPAs.

Seven AFP troops were killed and countless wounded soldiers were brought at the hospital in Masbate City and Legazpi City.

Before the explosion, the troops of the 2nd IBPA, MICO and involved former NPAs conducted combat operations for several days in the mountains of Milagros and Mobo.

The troops beat a civilian, Reneboy Mahinay, for refusing to be their guide while in Bgy. San Carlos, Milagros.

Due to their failure to find the NPA, according to JRC-NPA, the combined forces of the 2nd IBPA and MICO killed the civilian Rolly “banong” Arcenal, 35, single and living in Brgy. Barag, Mobo, Masbate on the evening of July 1.

Arcenal, a charcoal burner, was killed while he was working in So. Kawa-Kawa, Barag, Mobo during military operations. “To cover up their crimes, the military issued false declaration of clash between them and NPA members. To make it more convincing, they allegedly seized shotgun to the victim,” JRC-NPA-Masbate spokesperson Luz Del Mar said.

“For everyone’s knowledge there was no encounter in the area of those times. Our comrades were in the distant place but they heard the gunshots because of the depth of the night when the false encounter happened. And importantly, Rolly “Banong” Arcenal was a civilian and has never been a member of the NPA,” Del Mar added.

Aroroy Massacre

The massacre in Brgy. Nabongsoran, Aroroy on June 8 was related to the recent barangay election – not by rebel fighters but perpetrated by over 10 combined forces of armed group involving three ex-NPAs.

The shooting at the barangay captain’s house around 9:30 pm killed five people. Ariel R. Madrilejos, John Paul A. Cristobal and Dijie R. Cabarles died while Jeo V. Cabarles and Ricky P. Alejo eventually died in the hospital. Bgy. Chief Inspector Jury P. Cabarles was wounded.

“Edgar Junjun Epil (aka Jesel / Bulak) who lives in So. Santol, Bgy. Victory, Balud, Max Rommel Rapsing (aka Max) of Bgy. Iagang, Masbate City and Ruel Danao (aka Toto / Ruel) of Bgy. Sawang, Aroroy were former comrades who left the revolutionary movement because of huge violations in discipline and unfavorable attitudes that separates them from the NPA and the people,” Del Mar said.

The Mato siblings, two of which are CAFGUs and Gaga Mato who is a member of the Philippine Army, are also among the top ten armed men who commit murder according to Del Mar. The siblings live in So. Caballero, Bgy. Cabitan, Mandaon.

“This group is paid killer contracted by a politician when its candidate did not win during barangay election. At present, the rebel surrenderees stay in Camp Boni Serrano, the headquarters of the PNP Provincial Police Office,” Del Mar added.

JRC-NPA challenged the leadership of Governor Antonio T. Kho and the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, especially the human rights committee to provide justice to the victims and conduct investigations.

“The soldiers and policemen solely place the people’s miserable lives through unperturbed military operations with former NPAs who have abandoned their service for the people and are now actively involved in crimes in the countryside,” Del Mar said. “They allowed themselves (ex-NPAs)to used by MICO, 2nd IBPA and Para-Military groups, and be used by provincial politicians to kill political opponents in exchange for huge amounts.”

Any JRC-NPA unit has nothing to do with the massacre in Masbate according to Del Mar. “It is not the NPA’s task of killing or massacring any person or group of people without the crime committed in the town and in the revolutionary movement. The imposition of NPA sanctions are to people or groups who have been heavily committed crime to the masses and movement and are based on the decision of the people’s court of the democratic government,” Del Mar stated.

JRC-NPA urges the armed forces and the police to be professional in carrying out their duty, obey the law of war and complyg with the signed CARHRIHL. (

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