No national freedom, democracy if Duterte continues to uphold US, China

By Reynard Magtoto

There is no national freedom and democracy if President Rodrigo Duterte continues to uphold subservient foreign policies to both US and China taking advantage the Filipinos and its resources according to BAYAN Bicol.

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) – Bicol reiterated it is still #Hindipendence Day, condemning the Duterte regime for failed promise of an independent foreign policy which only led to greater aggression and intervention of foreign policies from imperialist countries such as US and China.

“In two years of Duterte as President of the country, he continued to implement foreign policies. He is not yet contented, he invited another imperialist country such as China,” Dan Balucio of BAYAN Bicol said.

Amid the growing crisis of governance and issues on foreign presence in the nation, BAYAN Bicol’s local chapters and affiliated organizations also protested the local issues which are ill effects of the programs of the Duterte administration that aligns in foreign interests and capitalism.

Protesters in Albay marched along Legazpi Boulevard while there was a marcha rally and program held in Plaza Rizal, Naga City. Sorsoganons marched around their city and held programs in Camp Escudero and Capitol.

“It’s not US nor China that can uphold Philippine sovereignty because of a battle for regional domination by two competing superpowers for capitalism. Ever since, Philippines has remained underdeveloped because of foreign economic impositions and dependence on foreign investments and foreign debt. In Bicol region alone, most corporations are being owned by foreign entities,” Balucio said.

“The Filipinos have no other recourse but to continue to fight and joined us in protest actions to demand Genuine Freedom Against Dictatorship and Foreign Interventions,” Balucio added.

“The TRAIN law,BBB program, the deregulation of the oil industry, the privatization of the power industry, liberalization of agriculture and the destructive large-scale mining operations have contributed to worsening poverty and underdevelopment,” Balucio added. “All of these have foreign interests.”

Under the Build, Build, Build program, building airports in Daraga municipality in Albay; Pili, and San Jose in Camarines Sur are underway that will affect over 1,000 hectares of prime agricultural lands.
The Philippine National Railway Reconstruction will affect the provinces of Camarines Sur, Albay and Sorsogon having 241 barangays in 25 towns and 5 cities.

Even “Boulevard Region” is underway in Albay, Camarines Sur, Sorsogon and Catanduanes.

“We cannot be truly free if Duterte regime has chosen the path to hands down the West Philippine Sea to China in exchange of loans and investments for its Build, Build, Build Program. Same as we cannot be truly free if the government favors US in exchange for US support for the AFP ever since,” Balucio said.

According to Fred Mansos of BAYAN Albay, they oppose China’s use of Philippine facilities for military purposes the same way they opposed US bases in the Philippines.

Mansos reiterated that Filipinos do not really exercises its freedom since Tydings-MacDuffee Law was implemented to give the country an independence in exchange of US military bases, rights of US in the country, recognize the debts of the country in US banks, formulate laws accepted in US and to provide tax free for the products of the country exported to US. (

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