BAYAN Bicol’s Caravan highlights fight against Charter Change

By Baretang Bikolnon Staff

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) – Bicol launched it’s regional educational campaign against Charter Change and Dictatorship of the Duterte administration this 8th to 13th of April with various progressive groups in the region.

The delegates of the caravan were already in Albay province to register their protest action.

Yesterday, April 9, the caravan started in Sorsogon at 7:00 am with two groups. The first group passed through Donsol, Pilar, and Castilla. The second group split into three routes. The first route was in Matnog, Sta. Magdalena, Irosin, Bulusan, Barcelona, and Gubat. The second route was in Bulan, Irosin, Juban, Casiguran main road, Pto. Diaz, and Bacon. While the third route passed through Bulan, Magallanes, Juban, and Casiguran. The delegates of the caravan merged in Abuyog and held programs throughout the city of Sorsogon.

Meanwhile, Masbate launched a provincial caravan yesterday to support the regional protest action.

Farmers in Masbate join the provincial caravan according to Enrique Tumampil of Kilusang Magbubukid ng Masbate (KMM).

“That was part of the campaign to expose and fight the proposed US-Duterte regime’s Charter Change,” said Dan Balucio, BAYAN-Bicol. “All progressive groups in six provinces are united in one goal.”

“Cha-Cha of Duterte will not solve the problem of widespread poverty, hunger, unemployment and low wages, corruption, landlessness and high prices of commodities. In fact, it will only increase the country’s problems, “Balucio said.

“The abuse and exploitation of peasant classes is growing. Cha-Cha is aiming to deprive farmers of their land and give its full possession to foreigners, “Balucio added.

According to Tumampil, peasants are experiencing the Dictatorship of the “US-Duterte” regime even there’s no Cha-Cha. This is because of the increased militarization and anti-citizen plans of local officials in the province just like the construction of the Casino in the agricultural land of Masbate.

Balucio added that even the Train Law have no benefits to the communities and only worsen the situation of the people.

According to Balucio, the only ruling classes in the country – bureaucrat capitalists, big businessmen, local and foreign, and big landlords – will only benefit from proposed changes to the Constitution.

There is still no wage increase, especially minimum wage earners just like in Bicol still stuck at P290 a day. The end of the commitment to ENDO or contractualization has been abandoned since favoring the ENDO King Henry Sy and the launching of SM malls in the major provinces of Camarines Sur, Albay and Sorsogon.

Duterte’s government’s response to felony, dictatorship and dictatorship in Bicol from February to December 2017, 160 were recorded violations of human rights, 39 cases of killing which 13 here are youth, women and adults, 10 cases of attempted murder and 10 cases of attempted suicide.

In Bicol, only 909 cases of rape have been recorded from January to November 2017 by PNP-RO V. CamSur’s topped with 247, Albay-119, Masbate has 98 rape cases. Furthermore, there are unreported cases in the countryside because of fear to file report to the police station.

“The purpose of Cha-Cha is selfish. It is more power and power to exploit and oppress the people. This is the way to the fascist dictatorship, “Balucio added.

“In the face of worsening economic crisis and destroying our rights, it is more just to stand up and fight. Only in the collective action we will strive to completely expose and isolate until the US-Duterte regime is finally expelled, “Balucio concluded. (

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