Progressive youths slam Duterte on threat of ‘crackdown’ and ‘revgov’

By Angel De Mesa

Progressive youth groups around the country slam President Duterte on his statements on “revolutionary government” and the possible crackdown on legal and progressive organizations.

“Duterte’s so called ‘rev gov’ is nothing less than the usurpation of powers to impose one-man rule, further trample on the people’s democratic rights, and cater wholesale to the interests of imperialist powers, landed elite and the ruling clique,” said Kabataan Rep. Sarah Elago.

They denounce the attack of Duterte which uses his conspiracy theory between the legal left-leaning group, the communist movement and armed groups to justify his fascist “revolutionary government”.

According to Elago, the only arms of the people on the streets were just placards and principles, calling to stop the killings, end impunity and fight tyranny.

“By cracking down on the mass movement, Duterte is fast-tracking an era of tyranny in par with, or even worse than, that of Marcos’ nationwide martial law. His ‘revolutionary government’ is a crackdown on any and all criticism of his tyrannical reign. Duterte’s listing of the CPP-NPA and the mass movement is in cahoots with the US’ interests for political hegemony by quashing its perceived enemies,” said Elago.

Same with the suggestion of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan), youth party suggests Duterte to continue the peace talks to address his concerns and issues.

“If you have issues with the left, what better way to deal with them than with the peace talks. It is Duterte’s negligence in people’s rights that’s just making him more instability and more enemies, and not whatever conspiracy his hysteria could think of,” said Elago.

Campout against tyranny

Along with the denouncement on Duterte, Save Our Schools Network (SOS) initiated the Lumad children’s camp-out at Department of Education (DepEd) to highlight the plight of Lumad children and bakwit who cannot go home because of Duterte’s intensified counterinsurgency operations.

They also slammed DepEd especially secretary Briones for neglecting Lumad’s demands and issues.

Together with the League of Filipino Students (LFS) and Anakbayan, Lumad children’s camp-out in front of the DepEd head office in Pasig City against the continuing threats by the Duterte government against Lumad schools and communities in Mindanao.

“The Lumad and their right to education have been neglected by successive administrations. Now that Lumad have put up their own schools for their children and communities, Duterte wants to bomb them? We are here to show our solidarity with Lumad. We are here to make a stand against Duterte’s dictatorial fantasies,” said Anakbayan National Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

Anakbayan said that the lumad will be the most affected by Duterte’s crackdown against legal and progressive organizations.

Lumad schools and communities have in recent months bore the brunt of military attacks with Duterte’s threats to “bomb Lumad schools”, scuttling of NDFP peace negotiations and launching its Oplan Kapayapaan “all-out war” against the revolutionary movement.

“For all his bluster against oligarchs, Duterte is clearly on the side of big corporations and multinationals plundering Lumad ancestral lands the altar of greed and profit,” said JP Rosos, spokesperson of LFS.

Amid the threats, youth groups commit to stand and fight against the anti-people policies implemented by the government along with its dictatorial fantasies.

“The youth and the people will resist this creeping dictatorship. We don’t need another era of lives slain, and it won’t help our society in any way. We’ve toppled a dictator before, and registered our condemnation in numbers during the Marcos burial and last September 21. It is our duty as freedom-loving youth to march in our numbers and end this threat for good. Never again to another era of tyranny!” Elago concluded. (

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