NPA claims AFP troops retreat during clash in Del Gallego

By Baretang Bikolnon Staff

NAGA City – “Sir, hindi kaya, marami sila!” the troops of 9th Infantry Battalion of Philippine Army then retreated during their military operation in Bgy. Bagong Silang, Del Gallego on November 14, claims an NPA command in Camarines Sur. The encounter caused two casualties on the side of the government forces.

In a press statement sent to Baretang Bikolnon, NPA-Norben Gruta Command (NGC) said the 9th IB had a week-long continuous operations in the towns of Ragay and Del Gallego in the first district of Camarines Sur before the clash took place.

“At 5:00 am of November 14, a unit of the NGC found out an AFP platoon near their base. The clash happened at 2:45 pm that took about two minutes. In the first blasts, two elements of AFP immediately knocked down who attempted to seize the key terrain of the land,” said spokesperson Michael Robredo of NGC.

It is only during this year that the NPA in the area has repeatedly failed the attacks of the 92nd DRC (Division Reconnaissance Company) and 9th IB.

On November 1around 7 am, a squad under NGC blocked AFP’s attempt to siege Sitio Matakla, Bgy. Bulawan, Sipocot, Camarines Sur.

“To cover up failure, the AFP had issued a news report that there has been a 40-minute encounter. The fact was, it’s only 5 minutes of gunfire exchange. The AFP’s indiscriminate firing after the encounter has reportedly been a legitimate clash,” Robredo said.

According to NGC, the NPA launched an active defense against AFP to defend the people’s interests and fight fascist suppression.

“With careful analysis of the enemy’s actions, the NPA planned to effectively combat military operations. The NPA is positioned in a favorable terrain to effectively defend any time military operations approach them,” Robredo explained. (

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