Masbate’s POSDAC charged of illegal activities against fisherfolk

By Baretang Bikolnon Staff

MASBATE City – New People’s Army (NPA) command here charges the Provincial Operation for Socio-Economic Development Against Crime (POSDAC) for illegal activities against fisherfolk saying that the movement will give them chance if they stop the bad habits.

According to NPA-Jose Rapsing Command (JRC) of Masbate, POSDAC is a group of syndicates that torture the Masbateño people despite its name ‘development against crime’.

POSDAC is under the leadership of Ret. Col. Gelbert Sauro who stands as the Provincial Commander.

“The revolutionary movement in Masbate has long been campaigning to protect small fishermen against big and illegal fisheries. By educating them they are gradually understand the real cause of poverty and the importance of marine resources,” said Luz Del Mar of JRC.

JRC admitted their red fighters ambushed POSDAC members on board in a van last October 31 around 5pm that led to the death of District commander Arnulfo Pigon Jr. and Arnulfo Nulping Sr.

The NPA in the province seized one baby armalite, one caliber 357 and three magazines with bullets. The suspected shabu and paraphernalia were also seized in Arnulfo Pigon Jr.’s wife.

The recent ambush will serve as strict warning to POSDAC members who still continue their anti-people efforts according to Del Mar.

The cases facing by POSDAC in the people’s court according to JRC are as follows:

1.Extortion of small fishermen.

2.Illegally confiscating the equipment of fishermen including their Boats. If they do not give the amount they are asking for the equipment will not be returned to the owner. But when the required amount was given, they are free to fish even without any papers.

3.Some confiscated boats from small fishermen were not returned since they use them for their personal interest while they allow others to decay until it can no longer be used.

List of Victims of POSDAC’s illegal activities:

1.Titing Potistad from Sitio Buho, Bgy. Toguron, Monreal – POSDAC illegally confiscated her boat which was then rented by an entrepreneur of carabaos stating it lack documents. Until today the boat and the animals on board are not yet returned since she unable to pay the amount required by POSDAC.

2.Fausto Mandal Jr., former captain of Brgy. Mintac, Cataingan – POSDAC burned his boat because he unable to pay.

3.Banny Litada Baron of Sitio Badyang, Bgy. Ginhanap, Monreal – POSDAC burned his boat and other equipment for fishing.

4.Regala family from Sitio Kularada, Bgy. Tigbao, Aroroy – POSDAC burned their boats and their fishing equipment.

5.Dodong Lebios from Aroroy municipality – POSDAC confiscated his boat due to some technical problems in his documents. It also confiscated his 870 liters of crude oil, 14 pieces of tubs, 8,000.00 pesos and cellphones.

“There are still people being victimized by POSDAC in different parts of Masbate province. They use the legality of their name to exploit and take advantage the small fishermen. They use it for the benefit of their own interests and extortion. It is therefore right to award punishment to POSDAC members,” Del Mar said.

JRC is willing to coordinate with POSDAC members who have the desire to serve the Masbteños sincerely. (

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