NDF Bicol pays tribute to fallen 2 reds in Tiwi encounter

By Angel De Mesa

LEGAZPI CITY – National Democratic Front Bicol pays tribute to the two NPA members fallen in an encounter with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the village of Joroan in Tiwi, Albay.

It was last Tuesday, October 17, at about 8:30 AM when an unexpected encounter took place in Sitio Malapak, village of Joroan, Tiwi between the NPA and AFP. Three casualties were documented, including 2 NPA members and 1 military.

One of the 2 killed NPA was Pablo “Ka Ambo” Delos Santos. Recovered from the incident was 4 M16 rifle, 3 M203 grenade launcher, 2 bandoliers with 7 magazines and bullets, 13 backpacks with personal things and documents with high intl value, 2 cellphones, 1 ICOM radio and 2 landmines that is allegedly from the NPA’s.

“The Bicolano people celebrate these martyrs whose lives were offered in the service of the people. No love is greater than that of the genuine love of a revolutionary who wholeheartedly faces hardships, sacrifices and even death in aspiring for true freedom for the people,” said Ma Roja Banua, spokesperson of NDF Bicol.

On the other hand, 9th IDPA claims success after hitting the NPA and killing 2 members of it. They stated that the occurred encounter was a result of the cooperation of residents in the said area by providing information on the 901st brigade headquarters speaking about the presence of the NPA.

Pursuit operations are still ongoing for the remaining NPA rebels who could have sought refuge.

Contrast to the statement, revolutionary movement strongly believes that their enemy soldier have still failed in destroying and weakening the revolutionary forces.

“Their so-called “success” is meaningless in the face of the numerous comrades who will continue the struggle of these fallen martyrs,” said Banua.

NDF Bicol once again slams the reactionary government for its futile and anti-people policies due to the administration’s all out war, along with the mercenary state army for its ‘hunger’ for blood and violence as evidenced by the numerous deaths of civilians. (BaretangBikolnon.com)

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