Repression against Bicolanos intensifies under Duterte admin says NDF Bicol

By Angel De Mesa

LEGAZPI CITY – National Democratic Front Bicol expressed condemnation against repression and human rights violations of the state forces here in the region.

NDF Bicol cited in their statement incidents such as the continuous harassment of the student publications in Camarines Sur, the irregularity of EO 36-2017 in Legazpi City, and the massive counter propaganda of the AFP troops against the communist movement.

According to Ma Roja Banua of NDFcBicol, the steps of the government are clear manifestation of conditioning the masses towards the imminent declaration of Martial law in the country.

Just last month Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal passed the Executive Order (EO) 37 series of 2017. The EO obliges a visitor traveling to another barangay to register at the respective barangay hall if staying for 24 hours or more. Registration requires the name, duration and purpose of the travel.

“If this will be fully implemented, local officials will be given freedom to invade on the privacy of their constituents. It is clear that the only purpose of said ordinance is to condition the masses in intruding on their civil rights and measure their reaction to the explicit fascism,” said Banua.

Rosal already deferred the enforcement of the said order to monitor visitors in Legazpi on October 2. According to him, the EO will undergo review and refinement by the city legal officer and consultation with members of the city council, asking the council to pass an ordinance or local law, identical to his EO.

Along with this, the group also slams the government troops in their so called “desperate” moves in maligning the people against the communist movement and progressive groups.

According to Banua, 9th IDPA is conducting a propaganda discussion along with its distribution of fliers in different schools in the region depicting the stages and transition of issues revolving to the mass movement up to pursuing the revolution.

flier circulated in Bicol University

The flier also stated that the youth must be vigilant and must not be fooled by the rebel group in which according to the print out the recruitment on the youth of the red army is a violation of International Humanitarian Law.

“This case is part of their objective to malign the youth and the student along with their threats to those who are greatly active in advancing the people struggle,” NDF Bicol stated.

NDF Bicol expresses their outrage on the simultaneous and continuous repressions and harassment in different school publications in Camarines Sur that has been reported and documented by the College Editors Guild of the Philippines-Bicol.

“In the essence, military suppresses the right of multi-sectors on reasonable actions to air their grievances and threatens parts of the legitimate organization which indicates as the a state-funded targets. It reflects the shallowness of the understanding of the AFP-PNP-CAFGU in the mass movement and to their crooked belief that combatants who is directly involved in armed struggle has no difference with civilians practicing their civil rights only to express and organize,” said Banua.

Despite of these, NDF Bicol supports the struggle and fight of the masses against the widespread campaign and attacks of Duterte regime.

“In the next few days, urban places will be flooded by united people’s protests along with the tactical offensives in the countryside. In the end, the people will decisively kick the criminal regime of US-Duterte and struggle for real social change,” Banua concluded. (

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