BANAT formed to fight tyranny, dictatorship of Duterte

By Angel De Mesa

NAGA CITY – Bicol Alliance for Nationalism against Tyranny (BANAT) launched here Thursday to demand end on the killings and unite various groups against tyranny and dictatorship of Duterte administration.

The alliance formed was in time for the 45th commemoration of Martial Law with protest actions across Bicol region, other parts of the country and even abroad.

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) in Camarines Sur sees Duterte not just a mere fan of Marcos but a great copycat at its worse, following its footsteps on rampant killings and rude treatment on human rights.

The progressive group initiated to form the alliance to insist to stop the tyranny and to block the return of dictatorship. They marked Duterte administration as fascist and anti-people enforcing policies that making the situation of the people worse.

“Duterte’s Martial law is worse than Marcos due to the unending killings under his tenure, in which majorly aims to overthrow the youth sector,” said Nelsy Rodriguez of Bayan CamSur.

“In the aspect of human rights violations, Duterte regime is worse. There has been no Martial Law yet, but killings and violations of human rights are already severe,” said Alex Jay Guerrero of League of Filipino Students (LFS)-CamSur.

Statistics shows that after the first year term of Duterte, 12,000 victims has been already documented by different human rights groups killed under the war on drugs campaign of either state forces or vigilantes. This numbers exempts those undocumented killings and isolated cases.

On the other hand, according to Amnesty International at the time of Martial Law under the Marcos regime, at least 3,240 were killed, 34,000 were tortured.

Rodriguez reiterates that the drug war of Duterte only targets poor people, instead of resolving social difficulties and analyzing the deeper context on why poor people are always left with no choice but to hold unto the realm of evilness.

“It is just one of the fascist solution on the problem that burdens the people long time ago” she said.

For them, lies of Duterte and his accomplices must not stay as just a typical and normal scenario especially on the cases of drug planting, filing trump up charges against activist and covering obvious crimes done by the state forces.

The group also slams Duterte for continued alliance and support to the Marcoses. It was after the issue of the secret burial of Ferdinand Marcos, declaration of September 1 as non-working holiday on the province of Ilocos Norte to honor Macoy and the offer to give immunity to the Marcoses after the return of the ill-gotten wealth.

“Bayan Camsur condemns US-Duterte regime on Martial law and his agreement to the wishes of Marcoses,” said Rodriguez.

“Duterte doesn’t seem to learn from the history and the effects of the Martial law brought by Marcos. Karl Marx once said that history repeats itself, first as tragedy and second as farce,” said Jastine Escuro of Student Christian Movement of the Philippines (SCMP)-CamSur.

According to Rodriguez, it is imperative to strengthen the movement today while encouraging, mobilizing and uniting citizens to fight and claim charges for the intensified fascism of the ‘US-Duterte’ regime. (

1,560 protesters join BAYAN in a marcha rally that took place from Department of Agrarian Provincial Office to the plaza of Rizal. Photo By Rona Ricafort/BaretangBikolnon

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