Bicol activists set for Sept 21 protest vs. martial law, ‘US-Duterte’ regime

By Reynard Magtoto

LEGAZPI CITY – Activists in Bicol pledged for a bigger protest on September 21 to call to #StopTheKillings of ‘US-Duterte’ regime and say #NeverAgain to Martial Law.

Tomorrow is the 45th year to commemorate the imposition of Martial Law by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr and the state has again confronted the people with the threat of another nationwide declaration.

In the coming massive protest actions nationwide on the anniversary of Martial Law, President Rodrigo Duterte surfaced the possibility of submitting the whole country under martial law in response to a growing and strengthening protest action against his regime.

According to Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) – Bicol, the direct goal of the ‘US-Duterte’ regime to rule as a fascist dictatorship derived from its idol fascist dictator Marcos must be explicitly exposed, condemned and resisted.

“Duterte has been instrumental in the political rehabilitation of the Marcos family,” BAYAN-Bicol spokesperson Dan Balucio said.

“The purpose of US-Duterte regime is clear to completely abandon the pledge of change and take the path of authoritarianism – maintain neoliberal policies, control critics and opposition, suppress national democracy and independence, and maintain strict control of imperialist US in the field of economy, politics and military in the country,” Balucio added.

In Camarines Sur, BAYAN here will lead progressive groups in a marcha rally that will take place from Department of Agrarian Provincial Office at 9 am to the plaza of Rizal, and program afterwards at 10 am til the afternoon.

With the theme “Stop the killing and unite against tyranny and dictatorship”, different groups in CamSur will officially launch Bicol Movement for Nationalism against Tyranny (BANAT) in Naga City.

“We need more strength and multiply, mobilize and unite citizens to fight and charge US-Duterte regime’s intensifying fascism. We will oppose any reconciliation to the Marcos family. The answer to the threat of dictatorship is broad unity and resistance against the US-Duterte regime,” said spokesperson Nelsy Rodriguez of BAYAN-CamSur.

In its assessment, BAYAN-Sorsogon spokesperson Rey Hababag told Baretang Bikolnon that Duterte is afraid of the protests, he fears the Filipino people because the Filipino people exercise their right to express, to speak, to form associations and independent gatherings to hold the government accountable or ask the government for the ongoing violence around the country.

“Martial Law today will be more intense if it cannot be prevented. If the people will not take action it will be more intense, but there will also be an intense answer,” Hababag said.

“If the people’s right in the street will be removed, citizens will be forced to go to the mountains,” Hababag added getting ready for big mobilization from progressive groups in their province on September 21.

Albay is also ready for protest action according to Fred Mansos of BAYAN-Albay. The marcha rally will be held in the morning starting from Daraga park going to Peñaranda park in front of Albay Captiol to hold their condemnation program.

With recent killing of minor in Masbate, progressive groups in the province are also agitated to conduct bigger protest action in their City.

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There will be also protest actions in Camarines Norte and Catanduanes.

Progressive groups across six provinces in the region strongly condemn ‘US-Duterte’ regime in its Martial Law and favoring the interests of the Marcos family.

“We have to carry the bitter teachings of the Military Law and do not let dictatorship happen again which will be more intense than Marco’s,” Rodriguez said. ( image from The Mariners’ Chronicle)

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