NDF Bicol slams state forces for spreading fake news in Sorsogon

By Angel De Mesa

SORSOGON CITY – Joint police and military forces here are spreading ‘malicious disinformation’ against the New People’s Army according to National Democratic Front in Bicol.

NDF-Bicol stated in its press statement that the 31st IBPA and 5th PPSB are just making stories about the alleged encounter occurred between AFP and NPA last September 6 in Brgy. Antonio Barcelona, that led to the arrest of suspected NPA member Michael Basala.

“The truth is, the police and militaries are the one firing the houses of the civilians and at the same time doing illegal search operations. There was no NPA unit in the area at that time and suspected NPA members Michael Bagasala and Rosalina Equisa who are the main targets of the shooting are just civilians and not a member of the rebel group,” said NDF Bicol spokesperson Maria Roja Banua.

Despite the harassment and pursuit of civilians, the extrajudicial killings of military and police officials in the province are also being monitored by the group. Based on the record and documentation of NDF-Bicol, there are already 10 civilians killed and 3 documented attempted murders in the province of Sorsogon on the first half of the year.

NDF-Bicol also hits the government forces in doing fabricated gimmicks and false accusations that aims to weaken the strengthening revolutionary movement. According to the group the names of the personalities being sued by the policemen after the successful tactical offensives of the NPA-Celso Minguez Command in Gubat Sorsogon last month was just dragged from the air and fake.

“With their feebleness to weaken the NPA in the province, for them to save their reputation, they just fitted in filing cases on civilians and the persons they suspect has a connection with the revolutionary movement,” said Banua.

“PCI Jimi Jeremias and the entire Inter-agency Legal Assistance Group were shameful in parking the names of civilians as the brains of such offensives without any other basis but being such relatives of a slain NPA member,” she added.

The group reiterates its rights in implementing penalty and conducting tactical offensives in any entity that is a threat within its jurisdiction as a belligerent state. Of all the provinces in Bicol, Sorsogon is the one being highly militarized resulting to skyrocketing victims of extrajudicial killings.

Despite the consecutive military operations in the province, the government forces cannot yet declare it as ‘conflict manageable’ due to the intensified and all out force of the red armies.

On the other hand, NDF Bicol together with its armed wing group CPP-NPA pledged to continue in serving the people’s war for true justice and peace. They will also intensified the defense and offensives of the revolutionary movement against the repression and violence of military, police or any paramilitary groups.

“They are wrong if they think they can beat the revolutionary movement through their psychological war and violent violence. Because of the political stand of the CPP-NPA-NDF, it continues to harbor the broad support of the masses and exploits,” Banua concluded. (BaretangBikolnon.com)

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