Sining Banwa’s 6th anniversary show shares life of arts teacher

By Angel De Mesa

Paano ba masusukat ang tagumpay; Saan nakarating, anong pinagmulan?” these lines from a signature song of a local cultural group reverberates their passion in producing artistic pieces that are reflective of local and national social issues.

It was six years ago, August 2011, when a group of people started to dream of a “Sining Banwa” that aims to create venues for experimenting and theorizing on theater and performance by way of research and practice of multiple art forms.

All throughout its journey, Sining Banwa Albay Performance Collective based in Albay province never get tired to pursue and continue their production and programs from progressive ideas highlighting social issues that will touch and arouse their audience to make them stand on every issue.


Sining Banwa has already created a bunch of unique and unforgettable productions staged at different places in the country Over six years in the theater industry.

And now on its 6th year founding anniversary, Sining Banwa opens its 7th Paglayog Performance Season with its newest one-act play, ‘Titser,Titser’. It is another realistic and worth viewing theater play which aims to introduce the life of a teacher and to honor them.

Titser,Titser’ was played last August 24 – 26 at Arcilla Hall in BU-College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP), Daraga, Albay.

According to Director and Script Writer Direk Roe Jalimao, ‘Titser,Titser’ has connection on their past campaign slash past production. It was on 2014 when they staged the play ‘Si Al buda an Tsinelas’ tackling the issue of violence against children on school and home setting.

They realized the missing link on the positive discipline and the teacher’s understanding. They created the play to describe the real life of a teacher beyond the school that will soon bridge the gap between students and teachers.

“It (play) is not complicated, the play is very straight, less movements, so in short it is very minimalist. The only similarity is that, it also comes from a story gathering and research, and the acts was based from the true story,” Direk Roe said.

Main Character: Arts teacher

Teachers have the discipline which made them more respectable possesses grace and dignity. However we tend to forget that these persons also have challenges and struggle in life.

Teacher Emily was the main character in the play ‘Titser,Titser’ who portrays a fine role model teacher dedicated in her profession. She was responsible in revealing the stories behind the full time educator with passion.

Being an arts class teacher in the play, teacher Emily taught colorful and meaningful artworks that her class would be able to create and visualize. For her, art was a way of expressing one’s self.

Outside the school, Emily portrayed a mother to her students. She ensured the safety of her students and be well rounded even at home.

She often slept late at night finishing her lesson plan, doing educational materials and computing grades. All of her life, she devoted herself to teaching.

Despite her sacrifices, some characters did not seem to appreciate her works and efforts. Sadly her husband, as one of the characters, degraded her profession.

During the play, Emily often forgets to take care of herself, her baby and her family. Emily and her husband are often quarreling due to her neglected responsibilities in their house.

The challenges in her life never convinced her to let go her profession. These even made her stronger and tougher.

Most of the Casts of Titser, Titser are with progressive thinking honed by Sining Banwa. Photo By Angel De Mesa / Baretang Bikolnon

Words of appreciation

A standing ovation, that was how the audience responded after watching the play ‘Titser,titser’. Some of the audience was in tears since they were moved and touched by the story.

“The play enlightens me on why am I not leaving my profession and it justify the reason on why I fell in love in teaching,” said Teacher Ray Peralta who cried after the show.

Peralta has been already 2 years in his teaching profession. He teaches media arts in senior high level at Ligao National High School.

According to Peralta, the play was very relatable for the teachers since the attack of the play was genuinely real.

“I can actually see myself from Mam Emily, but one thing I’ve learned and realized is that, you cannot just treat teachers like that. Teaching is so much more than just computing grades and preparing lesson plans, there is so much more for teachers than just grades. As a teacher, tiredness is always worth it knowing that you are the one shaping the minds of the students for better learning. At the end of the day, it is the most gratifying job in the world”, he concluded.

In the one hour show, lessons and realizations floated at the ending. It is not about the salary you’ll have nor the perks you’ll get, but the passion in serving the people through teaching without any given charges.

Asking one student from the audience on how can he describe a teacher in one word, Rey Bernard Dalanon, 3rd year Civil Engineering student, simply said “One word is not enough to describe a teacher.”

According to Direk Roe, the play was a real venue for a dialogue between a teacher and a student.

“That is why, we wanted the audience to know the life of the teachers and appreciate the teaching profession and realize in a way or another that we are all teachers”, said Direk Roe.

According to Direk Roe, they wanted to reach wider audience and communities. “We aspire for a society that appreciates arts and gives importance to theater arts,” he concluded. (

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