Movement against Tyranny launched to fight state fascism

By Angel De Mesa

“In the face of such blatant acts of tyranny, it is time to take a stand, to speak out and to act,” said the recently formed alliance aiming to unite all Filipinos against tyranny and uphold human rights.

Different people organizations, human right advocates, media organization, martial law veterans, activist, lawyers, associations and other individuals gathered, August 28, to launched their alliance, Movement Against Tyranny (MAT). Due to rampant killings and inhumane acts happening in the country, they have gathered courage to oppose the existing oppression and fascism among the people.

In a statement, MAT denounces the brutal and murderous ‘war on drugs’ that has victimized thousand of mostly poor, suspected small-time drug users and pushers and even innocents. They have also criticizes the administration on handling the peace process in the country, emphasizing the rush to end conflicts on rebel groups.and implementation of Martial Law in Mindanao up to the suspension of writ of habeas corpus.

They demand a stop to indiscriminate aerial bombings, artillery fire and other destructive military operations that target civilian communities like Lumad and Moro communities, especially residences, schools, farms and commercial/business establishments.

“We say ‘no’ to blanket martial law powers and its inevitable abuse. We demand an independent and impartial investigation of reported looting, illegal arrests, and other human rights violations committed in the course of the Marawi siege,” MAT stated.

“We will not be afraid. We will not bow down. We will do everything we can to fight for our democracy and defend our human rights”, said CHR chair Chito Gascon, who was also present during their launching.

MAT also slams Duterte administration on the continuous practice of filing trumped-up charges against activist and government critics which resulted to the accumulation of political prisoners.

“We shall shatter the silence fear and acquiescence that has afflicted many, especially the victims of human rights violations, corruption and abuse. We shall defend and promote human rights and civil liberties at all cost and shall oppose tyranny wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head,” MAT added. (

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