A Grief of Humanity

By Angel De Mesa

How many more lives will shed in this bloody war? How many more innocent people will be gone without due process? Every time we turn our T.V. or radio on, subject of killings were never been excluded. Questions keep coming back into our minds on how and why they keep on doing this. It seems like these assailants are just keeping this violent and justifiable killings as part of their hobby.

Before Kian’s case, numerous killings were just commonly ignored, as the common crime causes death tolls in our country to increase. But the killing of a 17-year-old high school student, latest victim of President Rodrigo Duterte’s ruthless war on drugs, creates a big difference that triggered most of the people. Simply because of the existing campaign on war on drugs.

Acceptable for some people but not for most especially to the victim’s family. More alarming is the decreasing average age of the victims being held with allegations and killed without proper and legal judgment.

This is not the first time that a minor got involved and has been part of the casualty of the anti-drugs campaign of the government. Last year, a 5 year old child whose name is Danica was shot dead by a bullet on her head that was supposedly meant for her grandfather. A collateral damage that has been disregarded by the government.

Recently, people’s outrage started to fire up over the news and social media after the murder of a 17 year old teenager nemed Kian Lloyd Delos Santos. Kian is the newest victim killed on a ‘police operation’ under Oplan Tokhang in Caloocan City allegedly suspected as a drug runner.

Far from the allegation, family of Kian strongly emphasizes Kian’s innocence. “I know in my heart that he has done nothing but dream for the future even though we are poor,” said by Kian’s mother.

Proven guilty or not, abiding the law is a must. But Kian’s case deeply describes the worsening reality existing in our country, specifically the inhumane acts and injustice. The very sad fact is despite of the evidence and witnesses on the incident, state agents is still covering their hypocrisy over the crime. Well, this just proves their unimaginable change using violence.

‘To serve and protect’, a tag line that is more often spoken but not even practiced. Over 1 year and 2 months of Duterte’s administration, statistics already revealed a total of 12,000 victims of extrajudicial killings under the war on drugs campaign. The success of the state on this war is a grief of the humanity.

In connection with this another program wants to be implemented for the youth. A mandatory and random drug testing wanted to be implemented by CHED and DEPED on the secondary and tertiary level. And surprisingly, the education sector designed this in support of government’s unrelenting war on drugs.

“The cold-blooded murder of 17 year old Grade 12 student Kian Lloyd Delos Santos by policemen in Caloocan City is yet one more example of how fascist in power fabricate fake encounters and get away with extra judicial killings of the poor”, said Anakbayan National Chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

This drug testing in public schools is feared to be license to provoke harm and violence among the youths. If violence can be instigated outside the school premises just like Kian has ended, what more inside the campuses? And that is what we all wanted to prevent.

Well basically this bloodshed is completely not fine. Justice is being blinded with twisted stories. In no time you’ll get killed with just unproven allegations, without proper jurisdiction. Apparently, no suspect is being sued upon the crime they have committed. Well, silence no more PH. This is a serious issue that threatens humanity. (BaretangBikolnon.com)

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