Shoot dead village chief adds another EJK in Sorsogon

By Angel De Mesa

SORSOGON – Killing of a village chief Wednesday night in Sorsogon City adds another victim of Extra Judicial Killing (EJK) this month here in the province.

On August 16, Barangay Captain Oscar Jitomo of Barangay Marinas, Sorsogon City was shot dead in their house by still three (3) unidentified gunmen.

According to initial report of Karapatan Sorsogon, three men called the attention of Jitomo somewhere in the dark outside the house about 8 pm in the evening while the captain was watching television. These men was allegedly asking for help to the Barangay Captain.

Jitomo was seemed to be invited by the men to come over, but because he didn’t hear it clearly, he refused. When Jitomo looked down at their balcony, he was immediately shot. There were a total of 12 gun shot wounds found in his body.

Sorsogon Police Investigators suspected the NPA as the perpetrator in the killing of the captain and looking into the possibilities that the killing was insurgency-related.

Rights group in the province considered Oscar Jitomo as the 3rd victim of Extra Judicial Killing this month in their province. It was after the 2 consecutive incidents of EJK on 2 farmers in Gubat, Sorsogon last August 7 and 8, allegedly perpetrated by suspected members of 31st IBPA and 22nd IBPA troops.

Karapatan Sorsogon strongly condemns the heinous crime against the civilians. They will conduct further investigation on the incident.

Meanwhile the military urged local government units to implement a bounty-based citizen arrest of suspected New People’s Army (NPA).

Karapatan Sorsogon condemns the bounty-based citizen arrest since it does not address the root causes of the armed conflict and will not stop the continued killings in the province. (

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