Drugs found in seized military pack owned by army lieutenant – report reveals

By Reynard Magtoto

SORSOGON – After New People’s Army (NPA) in Sorsogon ambushed a patrolling unit of the Philippine Army on August 7 in neighboring Gubat town, drugs were found in the seized military pack owned by army lieutenant according to report.

According to NPA- Celso Minguez Command (CMC), it was a successful ambush against elements of the 31st IBPA, 22nd IBPA and 5th Police Public Safety Battalion (5PPSB) in Brgy. Casili, Sorsogon that killed four soldiers and wounded seven government troopers.

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They found three (3) sachets of “shabu” (crystal meth) and drug paraphernalia in the seized military pack owned by 2Lt. Lee Tremedal who was one of the killed soldiers in the ambush.

In the military pack, “It [drugs] was placed in the folded socks of the killed commanding officer (CO) of Alpha Coy, 31st IBPA, AFP,” said Ka Samuel Guerrero, NPA-CMC spokesperson.

NPA-CMC hits the troops of 31st IBPA for using illegal drugs while conducting military operations.

“US-Duterte regime is hypocrite in implementing its Oplan Tokhang campaign to suppress drug addicts and pusher in our country, while its own force are using drugs while conducting military operations,” Guerrero said.

“The found illegal drugs in the seized belongings of 31st IBPA has confirmed the suspicions of the masses who are victims of their unreasonable violence,” Guerrero added.

Apart from the AFP-PNP troops, the people also suspected that some top officials of the government are involved in drugs.

Recently, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) was involved in alleged mishandling of the 605 kilograms of smuggled “shabu” seized from a Valenzuela City warehouse and the questionable release of a P6.4 billion “shabu” shipment from China in May.

Although Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon was responsible for the transaction as chief of the agency, President Rodrigo Duterte summoned him to the Palace on Tuesday.

“Duterte was able to defend him. It seems Oplan Tokhang has a “double standard” implementation. Til now, they are concentrated in catching and killing small pusher and drug addict while the large and influential drug lords continue to flourish in their narco-business,” Guerrero said.

The top officials of the AFP-PNP that are protector of drugs in the country are also free from Oplan Tokhang according to Guerrero. (BaretangBikolnon.com)

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