Asean forum in Albay cancelled, NDF Bicol denied possible attack of red fighters

By Reynard Magtoto

LEGAZPI CITY – A series of meeting on telecommunications of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ Telecommunication Regulators’ Council and Senior Officials at the Misibis Bay Resort on Cagraray island in Bacacay, Albay from August 21-26 have been cancelled for security reasons over the alleged prepared attack of Bicol’s red fighters.

National Democratic Front (NDF) here in Bicol slams the ASEAN Security Committee on spreading fake news using the millions of funds in the 50th ASEAN Summit according to Ma Roja Banua, spokesperson of NDF-Bicol.

“If fake news and false intelligence reports are just the results of their fancy preparation and costly security preparations, it is better to allocate funds to public services for the benefit of the people,” said Banua.

According to Ambassador Marciano Paynor Jr., director general for operations of the the National Organizing Committee of ASEAN 2017, ASEAN Security Committee informed them there is citing that a number of CPP/NPA/NDF have an increased violent activities in Bicol region in what is believed an act of retaliation to the military force.

Banua said this fake news resulted from their fear of their own shadows in the face of their abominable grievous forces to crush the revolutionary movement.

In a letter to Albay 2nd District Rep Joey Salceda, Ambasador Paynor also stated that the situation in Legazpi City is further complicated by the Information Fusion Center’s report that 800 ready to deploy Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) have been distributed to the CPP/NPA/NDF elements in Camarines Sur.

The Information Fusion Center’s report was not true according to Banua. “The NPA-Bicol will not have 800 explosives along Camarines Sur just to delay the activity of ASEAN when so many civilians can be affected,”she said.

“The CPP-NPA-NDF is always heavier in the interests of the people than in military affairs. The red army will never use the rights of the masses in the fight against the enemy. All tactical offensives of any NPA unit will be launched against legitimate targets and with intensive and careful planning so as to avoid losing the property, livelihood and life of the people. The revolutionary movement complies with all human rights laws and takes offensives in accordance with them,” Banua added.

Instead of using IED as mentioned in the report, Banua emphasized that the explosives of the NPA are Command Detonated Explosive (CDX) .

“That is to say, there is no possibility of a sudden explosion without the signal of assigned bomber from the ranks of trained red fighters. It will not explode unless the assigned bomber will pull the trigger connected to it,” she said.

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The letter addressed to Salceda also added that travel by water is not feasible due to different danger of rough seas at this season.

In this regard, “… it has been assessed that holding an ASEAN event in Misibis Bay Resort, Cagraray, Albay is too high-risk and unsafe,” stated on Paynor’s letter concluding that the meeting be moved to Manila instead.

Salceda was saddened by the cancellation. In his facebook post yesterday, August 15, Salceda said “So sad. But we will try again. The holding of two ASEAN SOMs in Legazpi Albay was a commitment to me by the DFA and ASEAN NOC together with DICT during the budget hearing last year. During our trip to Davao together with DFA Sec. Alan Cayetano, I tried to argue the assessment.” ( / featured image from Mark Kevin Arroco of DepEd V)

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