Regional court halts tree-cutting amid road-widening project in Naga City

By Reynard Magtoto

NAGA CITY — Regional Trial Court Branch 27 here ordered Temporary Environmental Protection Order (TEPO) issued on Tuesday to halt cutting of remaining centuries-old trees along the route where the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) undertakes a road-widening project.

This is in response to the filed complaint of the environmental group “They Grey, We Green”. According to them, more than 23 trees had already been cut along Magsaysay Avenue here in May-June this year.

The court was convinced with the evidence of the complaint, issuing not to continue cutting of trees along Liboton – Magsaysay road, covering the barangays of Liboton, Penafrancia, Balatas and Conception in Naga City and along Naga – Carolina – Panicuason road, covering Brgy. San Felipe, Naga City.

Ludovico Delloro Jr. and Edissa Lynn Quides claimed that aside from the beauty, shade, clean and fresh air contributed by trees, the trees absorb carbon dioxide while giving off oxygen, hence, vital to the life of all living organisms not only to man, thus, trees are necessary to a sustainable, balance and healthful ecosystem.

Atty. Allan Reiz Macaraig, environmental advocate since his student days, said that cutting trees poses grave danger to one’s health since an adult tree takes in forty eight pounds of carbon dioxide per year but when cut, it releases six hundred kilos of carbon dioxide.

The environmental group also stated that there’s no evidence that road widening ease traffic congestion.

However, local government of Naga has approved the cutting of the trees along the road within Naga City since they passed a resolution last year asking the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the DPWH.

The road-widening project will continue in San Felipe Road leaving the trees in the middle of pavements.DPWH usually continues the road work and avoids cutting the trees according to Lucy Castañeda, spokesperson of the DPWH. (Featured image of Pillars Publication/

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