Demolition in Cararayan fails in 18th attempt

By Reynard Magtoto

CARARAYAN, NAGA CITY – Around 150 demolition team with 100 PNP NCPO and SWAT stopped in the 18th attempt to demolish houses in the 14-hectare land in Cararayan, Naga City after failing to provide demolition order to the residents.

The first attempt was in 2002. This time, the PNP and demolition team tried to use fire track to disperse the farmers and residents protesting against the demolition.

Three protesters were kicked and punched by the PNP earlier. The two named persons were Jomar Odiver and Angelo Singson.

The demolition team with heavy armed police officers came in the village around 8:00 am and dispersed at 10:30 am today, August 10.

The said area for demolition is claimed to be under the property of Wilzon Luz, alleged dummy of former DILG Sec. Jessie Robredo.

According to facebook comment of Joseph Mendoza Opiana, resident in Cararayan, former DILG Sec. Robredo attempted to talk to his father to stop the land case in 1995. “I came near [in their conversation] I heard he [Jessie Robredo] was telling my father to retract the case. He will provide my father a house,” he stated.

Opiana pity those residents who will lose land if the demolition prosper.

The Cararayan Farmers Association successfully defended the area for demolition and even the agricultural land for their livelihood.

According to Pedro Flordilez, chair of Cararayan Farmers Association, they filed for Motion of Reconsideration yesterday to stop the demolition. They also filed in 2016 to revoke the land conversion in their barangay.

“We will continue to defend our agricultural land and our rights. We will not leave here,” Flordilez said.

This time, the Naga City Police Office (NCPO) requested for the assistance of the PNP regional command. (

Heavy armed SWAT team ready to disperse the residents. Contributed Photo
Fire track assisted demolition in Cararayan. contributed photo
Protester defends the rights of farmers and residents. contributed photo
Demolition fails, Cararayan farmers stand with their agricultural land. contributed photo

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