Funeral march for NPA cadre, red fighter in Sorsogon

Produced By Baretang Bikolnon

CASIGURAN, SORSOGON – Over five-kilometer Funeral March of thousands of family members and supporters in Bicol for Andres “Ka Magno” Hubilla and Miguel “Ka Billy” Himor, commander and red fighter respectively.

Ka Magno was a martial law torture victim in his teens, became a high school history teacher, and was a longtime cadre and leader of the revolutionary movement in Bicol, particularly in Sorsogon. Ka Billy was a young NPA cadre.

Both immersed themselves with the people in the countryside of Bicol, lived with the people, struck deep roots among them, and were well-loved and now well-remembered and cherished by them. Many such unknown men and women of the revolutionary movement throughout the country keep the revolutionary fervor burning, strengthen and expand the movement that has outlived the regimes from Marcos to Aquino, and will surely outlive the present regime of Duterte.

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