NDF-Bicol denounces the killings of 2 NPA , 2 civilians in Sorsogon

By Angel De Mesa

CASIGURAN, SORSOGON – National Democratic Front – Bicol condemns the killings of the two members of the New People’s Army from Celso Minguez Command and two civilians last July 28 in Sitio Namoro, Purok 2 Trece Marteres, Casiguran, Sorsogon City.

According to Ma Roja Banua, NDF-Bicol together with the revolutionary movement give its sympathy to the family and friends of the fallen members of the NPA who are Andres ‘Ka Magno’ Hubilla and Miguel ‘Ka Billy’ Himor and to the civilians Arnel Borres and Dick Laura that were also killed in siege by the combined forces of Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Ka Magno was the high ranking NPA fighter and the commander of NPA – CMC. He was found at the terrace beside the fish pond, 200 meters away from the house where his other companion was also killed.

Far from the statement of the AFP, Celso Minguez Command strongly reiterates that there has no encounter happened during the day of the incident. There is no other red fighters around the vicinity except Hubilla and Himor. NPA-CMC believes that it was a massacre and not just a mere ambush.

The residents of the said barangay stated that they have heard Laura screamed for help before the shooting incident happened.

In an interview to Annie Hara Laura, Dick’s wife, she dramatically told Baretang Bikolnon that his husband was not a member of the NPA, far from the government troops claimed.

“Lain NPA an agom ko, simple lang syang parasira (My husband is not an NPA, he was just a simple fisherman), she said.

volunteers of FFM check the place of shooting incident. Photo by Angel De Mesa/BaretangBikolnon

Last July 31 Karapatan-Bicol conducted a Fact Finding Mission yesterday, July 31, to find out the true story behind the incident and if there was human rights violations.

Based on the fact sheets gathered by Karapatan-Bicol, it has been found out that the incident was planned by the government forces. People already noticed check points of the armed men wearing full battle-gear uniform in Trece Marteres before the incident happened. They cannot recognize the faces of the said armed men since they are wearing bonnets that time.

According to Tim Hubilla, brother of Andres, who was present during the investigation of the SOCO, his brother was found lying on the grass in a terrace, head slightly hanging in the fishpond and hands was raced with a small caliber in his right hands.

“It was just confusing, the gun which my brother was holding is too rusty, it doesn’t even have a magazine. One thing I also noticed was that the gun he was holding was in his right hand while in fact my brother is left handed,” Tim Hubilla told Baretang Bikolnon.

“They violated international humanitarian law (IHL) and the Comprehensive Agreement on the respect for human rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL). Ka Carlo and Ka Billy must be considered hors de combat when they were caught but without the ability to fight because under the IHL we have the right to life. While the two civilians, instead of saving and be avoided to the conflicts between the AFP and the NPA, they were deliberately harassed by the fascist enemy and violently killed”, said Ka Samuel Guerero of NPA-CMC.

Despite the horrible act, NDF-Bicol is not anymore surprised to what they called dirty and violent acts of the government forces on the battlefield against the CPP-NPA.

NDF-Bicol together with the revolutionary movement give its highest salute and commendation to the two fallen members of the red army to their long and brave commitment to the revolution. They also give salute to the two fallen civilians who have also been struggling as a typical masses. After all, they have also been calling for justice to the victims.

“The manifestation is that, if there is few people that goes here on his wake then he had done nothing. But since there are lot of people coming here on his wake, it only means that he has done a lot to everyone, then so we honor him as much as he was honored by his friends and comrades,” Tim said. (BaretangBikolnon.com)

Bullet found in the area during the FFM. Photo by Angel De Mesa/BaretangBikolnon

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