83rd IBPA must pay over continued Oplan Kapayapaan in indigenous communities in Camarines Sur – Ka Armada

By Reynard Magtoto

NAGA CITY, CAMARINES SUR – Recent illegal arrest and detention of aeta peasant in Camarines Sur adds to long list of human rights violations in Bicol under President Rodrigo Duterte’s Oplan Kapayapaan.

Antonio Narvaez was illegally arrested and detained when the troops of 83rd IBPA led by 2nd Lt. Coram accused Antonio as NPA member during their alleged combat operations in Sangay, Camarines Sur on July 19.

83rd IBPA holds Narvaez until now in their military camp at Mabalod-balod, Tigaon. He has been summoned to appear in San Jose Regional Trial court tomorrow, August 1, over the filed writ of amparo by its family.

New People’s Army (NPA)-Edmundo Jacob Command told Baretang Bikolnon that they fear AFP will manipulate Narvaez since the Aeta Peasant has poor literacy and driven with fear.

Under the Duterte regime, NPA-EJC spokesperson Rojo Armada explained that the reactionary troops intensified its human rights violations against the peasants and indigenous people in the countryside, as well as those who advocate human rights.

“The state spreads bombing, killings, abductions, illegal arrests and other acts of violence to suppress the people through its counter-insurgency program Oplan Kapayapaan,” Armada said. “It’s essentially the continuation of Oplan Bayanihan of Noynoy’s previous regime pushed by the US with the aim of defeating the NPA, destroying the CPP and the democratic and anti-imperialist mass organizations.”

Armada added that the nature of this Oplan is the left and right human rights violations of AFP units in their direct military operations even in their so the so-called “peace and development” operations that are largely focused on civilians.

“The 83rd IBPA must pay against the continuous and intense militarization of the indigenous communities in the towns of Sangay, Buhi and Iriga,” Armada said.

AFP continues to operate from the month of June and July 2017 under its “Oplan Kapayapaan” campaign that covers many villages in the towns of Sangay and Iriga City in the province of Camarines Sur. It uses troops at the 22nd IBPA detachment in San Pedro, Iriga City and Minadongjol, Sangay with a joined force from the headquarters of the 83rd IBPA.

The continuing deployment of armed soldiers in the midst of civilian communities in the countryside is contrary to its always open mouth “Peace and change” according to Armada.

“Using any reasons such as escorting the visitors or government officials, anti- drugs or delivery of medical services while launching a fierce operation to frighten the villagers, they call the suspected or known members of the movement one by one to investigate and intimidate,” Armada added.

AFP’s lies over arrest of aeta peasant

NPA-EJC, which has jurisdiction over the Rinconada District, hits Col. John Alden Masagca of 901st IBde of lies during his local radio program over arrest of aeta peasant.

The local NPA group denied the accusation that Narvaez is an NPA member and has cal. 45 gun.

They even questioned the 83rd IBPA how sure their troops will not harm Narvaez family during visitation.

“The 83rd’s camp is the military bastion which is considered by the family as place of perpetrators who abducted and illegally arrested their family member. How can they also ensure that the military will not harass them in their own camp when they already experienced harassment in recent weeks?” Armada questioned.

Col. Masagca’s statement that “Antonio does not want him to be turned over in the PNP custody because he fears that the NPAs will return” is a lie according to Armada.

“In fact, they forcefully use Antonio to guide their operations since they promised for food and shelter support. This kind of military approach is the exploitation of the poverty and cultural level of the national minorities in order to manipulate its thinking and create a gap among the peasant masses and indigenous peoples,” said Armada.

It is clear that the unit of the 901st IBde and the 83rd IB of the Philippine Army violated the rights of Narvaez and the CARHRIHL that has been approved by the government and the revolutionary movement during the peace negotiations in 1998 under the Estrada regime. (BaretangBikolnon.com)

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