Sorsogon clash: betrayal of Duterte regime to solve armed conflict – NPA Rinconada

By Reynard Magtoto

CAMARINES SUR – NPA Command in Rinconada area, Camarines Sur condemns the recent Sorsogon clash that resulted to the death of two New People’s Army (NPA) fighters, including a ranking commander of NPA in Bicol, and 2 civilians in the community.

The slain NPA commander was Andres Hubilla alias Ka Magno and Bunso. The remaining red fighter was Miguel Himor, while the other 2 civilians were Dick Laura, fisherman and resident of Sitio Cabungahan, Barangay Boton and Arnel Borres, farmer in Barangay Santa Cruz.

Edmundo Jacob Command-NPA Rinconada in Camarines Sur stated that the Duterte regime betrays the people in solving the armed conflict and its cancellation of peace talks.

“This is a reflection of the betrayal of Duterte regime and the AFP’s brutality over its rapidly abandoning peace talks. Even in the early stages of peace negotiations and they declared unilateral ceasefire, their operations and human rights violations continued to the civilians and suspected NPA supporters. The GRP’s lack of seriousness to discuss and solve the fundamental economic and political issues that are the root of the armed conflict. They only purpose is to bind the CPP-NPA to a bilateral ceasefire that will primarily dispell the fighters of the New People’s Army,” NPA Edmundo Jacob Command stated.

President Rodrigo Duterte repeatedly highlighted the importance of the military and police declaring “I have your backs” during his second SONA. He even defended martial law to deal with peace and order problems.

According to the NPA command, the killing of red fighter, commander Andres “Ka Magno” Hubilla and two civilians will never stop the fight and the advancement of the revolutionary movement across the Bicol region. In the midst of severe crisis, the toiling masses in poverty and the exploitation of the fertile land rage will persevere in advancing the people’s war.

Edmundo Jacob Command-NPA Rinconada gives their comrades high honor and salutation to their heroic courage in the midst of battle.They have been firmly confronted the enemy and do not harmed the masses and the entire revolutionary movement in the province of Sorsogon. (

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