Protests held in Albay to reiterate ‘darkness’ of Martial Law

By Angel De Mesa

LEGAZPI CITY – Progressive groups in Albay strongly reiterates that declaration of martial law in Mindanao will never serve as solution to the existing crisis experienced by the masses most especially in Marawi.

Yesterday, militant group BAYAN-Albay led protest action in Pinaglabanan Monument in Legazpi City while youth groups from Bicol University led by Kabataan Partylist lit candles and offered prayers for Marawi and Mindanao which are under terrorism and Martial Law.

Students and young leaders from Bicol University College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) and College of Business Economics and Management (CBEM) was present on the event led by their respective college student councils.

Photo of Angel De Mesa/Baretang Bikolnon

“We feel pity to the people of Marawi City that has been displaced away from their home and from their livelihood. Moreover, we fear that the preemptive given by the government will just worsen the scenario or worst, it will be the reason to surpass human rights of every Filipino”, said Alfredo Mansos of BAYAN Albay and was a victim of 1972 Martial Law.

According to Mansos who learned from experience during Marcos regime, martial law has been contrary to what the government is instilling as part of the darkest stage of the history in the Philippines.

“Security and safety were never felt and assured. Instead, human rights violations like tortures, enforced disappearances and killings were the visible effect of the declaration,” Mansos added.

President Rodrigo Duterte said in a statement that martial law declaration was done to preserve the country and its citizen.

Contrary to this, progressive youth organizations are threatened and worried on the declaration of Martial law for history might repeat itself just like what happened in Marcos regime according to Bicolana Gabriela Youth spokesperson Novelyn Vidaño.

“Skyrocketing human rights violations has been foreseen as the effect of the declaration most especially on the suspension of privilege of writ of habeas corpus,” Vidaño said.

Former CSSP-CSC President Raychard Barrameda reminded the public to verify every readings especially in the social media nowadays.

“When we doubt something we have to analyze and verify it, because we really never know what is coming out from the news now, and it is important that we include ourselves and get involve on the issues we are facing and act on it even in very simple ways where we can possibly help,” Barrameda said.

As part of genuine help to the people of Marawi, Kabataan Partylist Albay through Tulong Kabataan welcomes donations like halal foods, cloths and other materials useful for the people as they channel it to the affected areas that needs help most. (

Photo of Angel De Mesa/Baretang Bikolnon

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