Redemptorist Community offers prayers to stand with Marawi

Photo of Angel De Mesa/Baretang Bikolnon

By Angel De Mesa

LEGAZPI CITY – Redemptorist Community and youth organizations offered prayers and candle lighting in Redemptorist Church earlier today to stand with Marawi.

The prayers were addressed for Mindanao that recently declared under Martial Law and for Marawi City that has been occupied and threatened by alleged terrorist group Maute. Albayanos during the symbolic action were united regardless of religious gap and religious issues.

After the declaration of Martial law in Mindanao, prayers are flooding in Philippines for the safety of the people affected by the incident. Still, worries for casualties and recorded human rights violations was foresighted as for the effect of the declaration. (

Photo of Angel De Mesa/Baretang Bikolnon

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